Coordinates: 51 09.58’N 04 40.36’W
Depth range: 12m
Slack time: LW-2 -> LW+2

This battleship is the most famous wreck on the island, and it is easy to see why! She ran aground in 1906 when she hit Shutter Rock on the southwest corner of the island in thick fog.

There was an extensive salvage operation, and as such there is not a lot of it left. There are still however munitions scattered around the site – these are lice (and owned privately) so must not be touched!

The wreckage is scattered to the east of the entry point marked below. Divers should stay in the sheltered bay as strong currents run through the rocks on the south of the island. As this site is on the west of the island it is exposed to the prevailing Atlantic winds, so is often very swelly.

Start the dive at the green symbol. Strong currents race through the rocks to the south

The grounding of the wreck and subsequent salvage operations are a particularly fascinating storey. I will not repeat what is available on the internet here, but my favorite photo has to be the one below of the rope bridge that was constructed to get salvagers out to the wreck during the operation.

There is a great history of the wreck on Wikipedia, though you will find more if you go looking.

A photo of the bridge over to the wreck during the salvage operation

Full details on how we organise trips to Lundy here.

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