Coordinates: 50°0.327’N 5°16.127’W
Depth range: 10-15m
Slack time: Dive anytime

The Denise was a 1596 tonne French steamer that ran aground during fog in early summer 1918. Lying in 12-16m, the wreckage is well broken up, with only the boilers still intact.

It is found by lining up the fourth rocky outcrop on Men-te-Heul with a large rock that is visible at all but high water. The drop-off point is just north of this rock and the wreck lies in the long gullies that stretch NE out into the sea and can be dived at any state of the tide.

Location of the wreck relative to the harbour
Diver drop off location and approximate location of wreck
Picture of the wreck from
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