Despite a yellow warning for rain and wind, a group of us ventured to Chepstow Quarry on Saturday (NDAC) to do some Ocean and Sport Diver training including skills reviews, DSMB training and some distance lining.  

The Quarry was a nippy 12 degrees but with good visibility (10m) and had a lot of interesting underwater features to explore. From a sunken Land-rover to a single story bus, we had a great time checking out the different wrecks, diving to a max depth of 20m. Amongst the them we also had the added fun of seeing some shoals of Perch, intermittently flaring their soft dorsal fin showing off their bright orange tinge making what can seem like a boring dive in a quarry a pretty fun experience. 

In total we completed a total of 6 dives, with one our Ocean Diver trainees successfully completing their certification – yay! Our sport diver also managed to tick off a fair few skills with a successful DSMB launch and successful SMB towing exercise. So all in all, a great day despite the weather!

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