On Sunday we set out early on an overcast breezy morning to venture down to Chesil Beach, to do some SD training and to see what marine life we could see! With the wind forecasts and webcams we had checked it was the best option on the table for good conditions.

Although it was a little blustery at first, whilst we were kitting up on the shore the sun started to burn through the clouds and suddenly, we had a lovely day on our hands!  Unfortunately, once we entered the water we realised the visibility wasn’t great as it ranged somewhere between 1-2 metres depending on whether you had a torch or not. This was however a great chance for some SD training in low visibility, using buddy lines and SMBs to keep track of diver’s locations. With max depths being around 8.5 – 9 metres it was a good chance to practice low visibility skills at a safe depth.

We also managed to see a fair bit wildlife too – a conger eel, shrimp, crabs and some wrasse. This was awesome and great considering the conditions.

The sun and weather just got better as the day went on and the seven of us enjoyed multiple dives and then some ice creams!

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