Back into the sea within the same week due to fairly good vis and calm conditions. Upon arriving and seeing the stunningly flat water in the bay, we were all very excited for our upcoming dives. In two waves (with the drysuit divers being able to stay under for close to an hour and a half on single cylinders due to the depth) we began to explore the familiar site in unfamiliar conditions.

Three very happy newly qualified theory instructors. Credit: Chris Bainbridge

With lots of people going crabbing in the day, there were a lot of crustaceans of all types, from spider crabs, to velvet swimming crabs and lobsters, and a surprisingly high number of long-legged spider crabs.

Velvet Swimming Crab. Credit: Ollie Velasco

One lobster under the pier had decided to drag a whole dead fish into the pier. This caused a lot of confusion with people thinking it was the resident conger eel having a snack, in actual fact the conger was later seen hunting round the bay along with a small conger having an explore.

A Super Squid! Credit: Ollie Velasco

The plankton filled water led to Chris and Ollie spotting a few squid, however the main attraction of the night was the aptly named Titan that was Lobzilla! Lobzilla was first spotted charging towards Emily and Jake as they were beginning to surface. Upon relaying this information to everyone out of the water, several divers got back into the water just to look at this clawsome child-sized crustacean! A fantastic night dive overall!

Lobzilla (Massivus giantclawius). Credit: Charlie Young

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