As January comes to an end, you wake to a warming 8 ̊C. What better thing to do than go for a dive, right? So that’s exactly what we did! Venturing to Brixham Breakwater in Devon were eight cold, but eager, divers including one trainee who was completing their first open water training sessions (me) and one PADI rescue diver getting their first taste of UK diving.
As the training began and the other divers entered the water, a slightly warmer 9 ̊C, there was lots to see including spider crabs, dogfish, and scallops. As the first group emerged, it was time to queue the ‘expert’ scallop fishers who entered the water to collect their nine scallops which were, apparently, very tasty.
All said, it was a lovely day in Brixham and I am sure we are all excited to go back.


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