Porthkerris (PK) is situated in the sunny climes of Cornwall, on the Lizard peninsula. PK is the site of the club’s main training trip. This trip is around Easter and is aimed at new divers who have completed their pool training and are ready to tackle open water. The week is fairly intensive but extremely rewarding.

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The diving on the Porthkerris trip, like every trip, depends on the weather. When the wind is Northerly through westerly to southerly, we are based at Porthkerris beach, which gives access to Porthkerris reef and a number of wrecks. If the wind is northeasterly through southeasterly, then we head over to the other side of The Lizard to Mullion Cove, which boasts a some reasonable shore dives and the wreck of the Denise. In some more extreme weather, we have to head up to Falmouth and dive the Falmouth Submarines, but this hasn’t happened in a number of years.

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