There is a free slip right next to Teign Diving centre. This slip is very sandy and you need to be careful not to get the van stuck when backing the trailer down. There is a speed limit within the estuary of 6 knots and you need to be careful to stay within the marker buoys when heading in and out of the estuary. There is a long sand bar extending out to sea, so don’t be tempted to cut the corner. Wrecks within easy access include the Galicia and the Bretagne.

The Galicia is a very broken up debris field of wreckage about 20m down. It is therefore suitable for ocean divers. There is also diving on the Bishop and Clark, the pinnacle standing out on the shore line within sight of the Galicia. There is a tunnel which can be easily swum through at the base of the cliffs going from one side of the headland to the other. Transits for this site can be found on page 49 of the Dive South Devon guide, although Transit A is useless as the seafront has been redeveloped.

The Bretagne is a lot more intact and is deeper (around 35m). It’s a very pretty wreck with lots of dead mans fingers and other corals. The wreck can be quite dark due to low viz which is caused by the estuaries nearby, so a torch is recommended.

GPS: 50.29.500, 03.22.700

☎: 01626 773165 (Harbour Master)

☎: 01626 773965 (Teign Diving Centre)

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