Eastern Kings (also known as Devil’s Point) is usually done as a shore dive, and starts in Firestone Bay, Plymouth.This dive must be done on slack tide unless it’s bang on neaps, and is advisable to do on a high slack so the river sediment doesn’t reduce the visibility. You must contact the Plymouth Harbour Master (https://www.gov.uk/government/groups/qhm-plymouth) before and after diving (it is advisable to ring a few days before to check shipping movement). A DSMB is not advised due to this dive being in the shipping lane.

The usual dive starts by following the cables to the East (left) of Devil’s Point Tidal Pool, that head to Drake’s Island. These cables will take you gradually to down to a depth of around 18m before you get to the dropoff. Heading East (wall on the left) is the deeper dive (40m), West (wall on the right) the slightly shallower dive (30-35m). You can pick your depth at this point in time. A torch is advised as it gets pretty dark once you’re at the wall!

Note (correct as of 28/02/2018 ) the Eastern Kings entrance on the West side is closed, due to land subsidence.

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