With the weather and visibility reports at a high, 4 new UBUC’ers and 2 older members headed down to Babbacombe Beach for a relaxing day of diving. After much faff the night before (sorting dive gear out), and an early morning leave from Bristol, we arrived to a pretty much empty car park (it definitely didn’t stay that way), grey skies (of course), clear-looking water and flat calm seas.

We split into two groups for the first wave, with one experienced diver and two new-to-UK divers. Thankfully the vis was 5m+ so it was easy to keep track of everyone! We found loads of life still out and about, including cuttlefish, catsharks, wrasse, prawns, lobsters and many varieties of crabs, including ones that live in anemones.

After doing the first dive, we split into three groups of 2 divers. The first two buddy pairs planned to swim out to the buoys on the surface, and then make their way back to shore during the dive. One of the buddy pairs managed this; the other pair ended up swimming out to sea. This situation was resolved by sending one of our experienced divers out to them and pointing them in the direction of shore.

After second dives were completed, we headed back to Bristol and were all done and dusted by 5:30pm! All in all, a successful day’s diving and a nice introduction to UK diving, as well as a good recap for those who hadn’t dived in a few years.

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