Practicing rescues into a boat

Last Saturday UBUC teamed up with CSAC for a day of practical rescue management for some of our Dive Leader trainees. We headed over to a surprisingly warm Cromhall Quarry (a nice change seeing as some of us have only seen it in the snow) to practice what to do when something goes wrong. We split into two groups with one group heading off to practice some boat rescues on CSAC’s RHIB whilst the others stayed to practice some shore scenarios. Each of us took turns to be the dive manager with others being casualties or helpers. We saw some Oscar worthy performances with limbs being chopped off, DCI, burst lungs and a strange outbreak of headaches (although the last one wasn’t so much acting for one member of the group).

Briefing up

Overall, we all had a fab day, gaining some skills that we hopefully won’t have to use, which ended with us debriefing in the sunshine with a slice of cake. A huge thank you to all the instructors and to CSAC for the use of your boat.

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